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August 17, 2018
“I recently completed an extensive home health care program with Life Spring and I wanted to express my sincere thanks to your staff for their profession in-home care. I wanted to especially commend Ms. Stacy Hyden for getting me back up on my feet after extensive lumbar surgery. Ms. Auriel Grider and Heather Sipes made sure that I was comfortable, answered medical questions about my medications and assisted me with various home health care tasks. They are all to be commended for a job well done. My wife Jane, who is also home bound at this time, and I really appreciate the friendly and caring attitude of your medical staff members. I can honestly say that I could not have gotten better so quickly without their assistance.

I would gladly recommend your in-home care network to any and all who need the extra mile care and expertise of your medical professionals"


August 1, 2018
Ashley provided care for a hospice patient. She, was amazing with getting my grandmother comfortable and getting her medications changed over to what was appropriate.


August 1, 2018
I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. Specifically for your onsite liaison Kelly Hodges. Our case management team and hospital appreciate her efficient, kind customer service, and the level of detail and accountability she demonstrates on each referral. The way she conducts business as a whole is top notch. We have, and will continue to, recommend your service to other patients and their families. Our team could not be more satisfied with Kelly’s hard work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship. We just wanted to thank you and let you know that.
Cindy Maggart


April 12, 2018
Once again I would like to commend Aurille as a patient and compassionate caregiver. She has checked on my husband for many months now and is always enthusiastic with her caring.
On one of her visiits she found a A-fib situation with Bob and assisted us in getting him to the hospital. She alwayes goes beyond what is needed from loving on our pets to helping with outside trash cans to anything we would ask of her.
She is one of the most caring, knowledgeable employees you have in our opinion. We look forward to her weekly visits and these visits always leave me uplifted.
I trust LifeSpring realizes that Aurille is an outstanding employee.
Bob and Donna

Care for my mom with compassion. They always bring a smile with them.

I received a call from Bob McClain’s daughter, Janet Roberson, today. She stated that Mr. McClain had been moved to an in-patient hospice center in MWC but that she wanted to make sure that we knew how much our services were appreciated while we cared for her father. She wanted to especially thank Josh and David for their services on PT and Crystal Russell for her help in HH. 

I just wanted to let you know how very very good she (Jean Richards) is. She is very professional. She’s very encouraging. I just thought it would be nice to let you know how valuable her work is. Thank you!

Amy was very efficient and clear with her instructions. She was intuitive about the level that I was at and what my body could handle. She was good to make adjustments in repetitions and in timing to encourage quality movements over quantity movements. She was encouraging me towards progress, she was responsible, and knew expectations for my medical conditions and my age. She was also confidence building. I felt like she was very compassionate toward me and the mood that I was in through everything that had been happening in my home and the situation I was in at the time. She was helpful in sorting through how different pain levels can be associated with different circumstances; for example, anxiety about surgical outcomes, personal expectations, what is appropriate progress for the length of time from surgery, and how I think I should be doing versus reality. She was very helpful in making me feel comfortable about all those things, and she just has a delightful personality. Amy was very nice to be around. I just want to give an A+.

Debra Rollins, wife of patient Larry Rollins, says “Gerda (COTA) is the best thing that has ever happened to us. When Denee (OT) has come to do the evals and assessments that she is also wonderful.”

My father James Kelley received services from lifespring after being released from the hospital with pneumonia. I just wanted to let you know the services he received from his physical therapist (Caleb) were superb. He was always so kind and patient with dad and really worked with him to get him stronger. Thank you Peggy Hansen

Excellent HomeCare and Hospice company.

I know you are all about success stories, so I have one for you.

On Tuesday morning of this week, Sherry got out of OUR bed (which she has been sleeping in for about a week now), walked up those two stairs into the living room, went to the rest room, dressed herself, and was sitting in her chair, drinking a cup of coffee, when I finally got out of the bed. Now that's a success story!

Everything you company had been training her for, has been achieved. All the efforts of you P.T. workers, your O.T. workers, your speech workers, your nurses, and your evaluators has been successful.

She still cannot walk a long distance (like through a grocery store) but she goes everywhere else on that walker. Our lives have almost returned to normal, thanks to your company.

We especially appreciate the compassion that you showed. I realize that it is a job, but you went beyond the job, and showed real concem for your patient.

Again, I say THANK YOU for a job well done.

I thought you would appreciate an update on Sherry's status.

Please show this letter to all who participated in her recovery.

My husband will be coming home from the hospital on Monday and we want to have the same physical therapist that we had before (Steven Ruggs, PT) because we absolutely loved him.

I absolutely love Kenny and I’m so thankful for the care, consideration, concern, and expertise that he provides.

I am sending this note to let you know what wonderful employees you have in Darla Skelly LPN and Natasha Reeves. They came to the Life Select House to care for Mrs. Mills. Darla came daily to do dressing changes and Natasha came 2 times a week to bathe her. They both were so sweet and loving towards her. Very gentle and kind. They were great to work with when they were making their visits. I enjoyed the time they were here and getting to know them. Hopefully I will get to work with them again in the future. I do mention Lifespring to people I come in contact with that are looking for a hospice agency. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the care my clients received from Darla and Natasha. Please tell them I said hello Janie Hull Lpn

Patient complimented Amy Laizure, PT. She states, “Amy is amazing. She is retraining my brain and making it work again so my body will do what it is supposed to.”

I just received a telephone call from this pt (Deborah Behena Exiga) giving praises to Tyler, PT. She states he is so sweet, so very helpful, and has helped her come a long way. She states she has seen several different nurses, but today Holly saw her. She stated she was mopey and having a bad day, and Holly took the time to just sit and listen and encourage her. I just wanted to let you all know what a great job you are doing! Thanks for all that y’all do!

#1 – “Thank you for LifeSpring! The physical therapists are marvelous. Caleb really puts me through the paces and I am slowly but surely coming around. Dr. Ponder said two to three months from surgery and I’ll be playing golf again!” – good job David Childers, PT and Caleb Peebles, PTA
#2 – “ Caleb is wonderful and really knowledgeable. He explained a lot about why things feel the way they do and a bit about how they reconstruct everything during surgery. That was enlightening. The new therapist named Steve that you hired and sent along to shadow Caleb yesterday did a great job. What a find! He was so helpful, I wish he was here right now!” – Good job Caleb Peebles, PTA and Steve Ruggs, PT

“I am so thankful for the care that Locka (COTA) gives. She goes above and beyond and has been so helpful. If I ever need occupational therapy in the future, I definitely want Locka to come back.”

“I just wanted to compliment my wife’s two occupational therapist’s. Denee Hacker (OTR) and Gerda Rouse (OTA) have done a remarkable job. They have gone out of their way to accommodate my wife, and my wife is so pleased with your service, from these two ladies.”

“ It’s nice to have the confidance and knowledge that Mom is well taken care of while I have to leave town for work; even on short notice. Thank you for all that you do for us.”

“I truly appreciate everything you have done to cater to my mom’s needs. Before we had you, my sister and I had to frequently leave work in the middle of the day to ensure mom was safe. The companion you are sending every day for mom is an Angel. She has made it easy for me and my sister to focus on our full-time jobs knowing mom is well cared for.” – Client’s son

“Amy Laizure is the best PT we have ever had. My husband is 86 years old so we have had a lot of PTs over the years. She is also just so nice. My husband is doing so wonderful and we have Amy to thank for that.”

“I am very pleased with LifeSpring. They are especially easy to work with re: schedules and that is not easy with our schedule. They (nurses, PT, OT) are courteous, professional and competent. Thank you.”

“I am real happy with the services by your staff personnel. They have done an excellent job and I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

“I like the consistency of having the same nurse come out every week plus the courtesy of her calling the night before to make sure I’ll be home and to let me know she is coming.”

“Your staff is exceptional! They are not only professional, they are caring and thoughtful. Your company is providing a wonderful service. Thank you!”

“All members of your staff that come to see me are real helpful and courteous and they tell me if I need them anytime just give them a call.”

"Each person that has come to my house has been very professional and kind. If they are writing something, they stop and answer your question and explain it until you understand."

“I would certainly recommend LifeSpring over any other home health service. I've been very happy with them.”

“….(the nurses) perform their duties above and beyond both LifeSpring’s requirements and my expectations. I couldn’t ask for more from a home health nurse.”

“Thank you for the high quality service I have received. I really appreciate your staff, your standards.”

“We are extremely pleased with the staff from LifeSpring. Each person is professional and friendly and seems to genuinely care about their patient. Thank you so much for the excellent service.”

“LifeSpring is wonderful. I have already recommended them to others.”

“We have come to love our nurses as if they are our family. They are wonderful, caring compassionate people. We look forward to their visits… Their kindness and dedication to their patients make them very special people. Love them to death. God bless you all.”

“All of the workers that have come out to help me, all have been so helpful and supportive. I didn’t know how you find such a good crew. Thanks a million!”

“The staff members have always been courteous and professional as well as patient and informative. Helpful, too. All of us in this household feel comfortable and confident in the abilities of your staff. Thank you.”


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